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Corporate Stationery

Your Corporate Identity is more than just the design and layout of your company logo and corporate colours.

Your corporate Identity Control Manual contains all the do's and don'ts, and sets the standards of all your stationery, vehicles, outdoor signs and various other aspects.

Your company's branding starts with its logo. The right logo sets the stage for your products and/or services. A quality logo goes a long way towards building the proper perception in the mind of your potential customers.

Our Corporate Stationery designs convey your company's purpose and character, as well as being instantly recognisable across all marketing materials and corporate communications.

These are the things we consider when we do your designs

Logo Design
The logo, logotype and relative size
Combining the logo and logotype
Correct use of the logo and logotype
Corporate colours
The use of the corporate typeface on stationery
Decals for franchise holders

Business card
Representative particulars
Corporate image
Logotype, size, format
Paper stock/type and colour.

Communication details
Affiliation \ Statement form
Affiliation \ Administration stationery
Affiliation \ Envelope front and back
Affiliation \ Compliment slip
Affiliation \ Business card
Affiliation \ Letterhead

Layout of these forms includes placement of
Corporate image
Logotype and size
Paper stock and colour
Communication details

Interior signs and information signs
ceiling and wall-mounted signs

Outdoor signs
free-standing module
wall and ceiling-mounted module


If your company has a registered trademark, all of the above is dependent on detail of the original trademark registration.
Your company can benefit from these specifications in that the company image, as represented to the client, is standard and recognisable irrespective of the branch or affiliations.

A further advantage is that any stationery that has to be printed can be done according to an established specification, thus eliminating misunderstandings and errors, with the associated saving in time, money and image.

The printed stationery and e-stationery is the firm's visual statement to the world.

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