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About Our Photographs & Photographic Services

Photography is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions in history - it has truly transformed how people conceive the world. Now we can "see" all sorts of things that are actually many miles - and years - away from us. Photography lets us capture moments in time and preserve them for years to come.

We offer photographic services according to your requirements, in terms of length of time, number of shots and complexity of the shoot.

We also offer you a professional restoration of your precious and irreplaceable memories.
Your photos are taken the utmost care of, your photograph is untouched, and you receive a totally restored image of the original, printed on photographic paper, with the same end product and archival properties as any other photo.

The finished print size is determined by the quality of the original photo as clear originals will enlarge much more successfully than unclear or blurry originals.

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Disclaimer - LP Graphics accepts no responsibility for damage to, or loss of, original photographs via mail or other means of transit. Making sure the package is marked clearly "Photographs Do Not Bend" and placing cardboard for support is usually all that is required to ensure safe arrival.
Sending photographs by registered mail is also worthwhile.
Originals and restored work are returned to the owner via registered mail.

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