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About Our Multimedia, Video Production & Editing Service

At LP Graphics we know that staying up to date with market competitors requires highly creative messages that target your audience. With our multimedia and video production we deliver your message with great impact to your clients or sales force.

We offer many different kinds of video. A video or DVD is a powerful medium to explain, train, sell and market and show your product or service in the best light.
We supply a complete video production service at an affordable price for various markets
with the assistance of hired crew.

For the video production we make use of video cameras and equipment for the shoots
and have our own in-house editing facilities to ensure high quality end results.
We also have the ability to convert photos to video (photomontage), old used videos or
8mm films to any format VHS/CD/DVD.

We also offer video & audio streaming
Streaming is a technology for playing audio and video files (either live or pre-recorded) from a web page. A user can view the audio or video files directly from the web server for immediate playback. When audio or video is streamed, a small buffer space is created on the user's computer, and data starts downloading onto it. Usually there is a delay of only 10-30 seconds before the audio or video starts playing. The quality depends on the bandwidth, media content (motion vs. non-motion) or the amount of data that needs to be moved per second across the network. We recommend using a minimum modem speed of 56kbps.  The person viewing the web page needs a player application to view the streamed files.  If required, basic players are free for downloading from the internet.

Video Streaming can be used    
To demonstrate a skill or task
To illustrate and explain concepts
To enhance understanding with the aid of sound and motion
To supplement class materials by means of audio or video presentations
 As a primary instructional source in distributed learning, such as audio or video lectures on the web
 Audio Streaming instructions can include
On-line lectures, music, speeches, recorded interviews, narration, stories, sound clips of events, sounds in nature and the use of sounds to learn, such as a medical diagnosis

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Contact Info
Tel: 028 425 1756
Fax: 028 425 3947
Cell: 082 826 0182
E-mail: info@lpgraphics.co.za
Website: www.lpgraphics.co.za

Business Hours
Monday - Friday 08h00 - 15h30
Closed on
Weekends & Public Holidays

Postal and Physical Address
1 Republic Street,
Bredasdorp, 7280

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